It’s a common misconception that anyone can be a bus driver. Yes, some portion of the job is learned; that is, made up of skills one can pick up in the classroom or by practicing on the road. However, truly good bus drivers have a certain talent for the job that cannot be explained.


Below, Northstar Bus Lines, a Maple Grove group transportation services company, discusses all the qualifications, learnable and not, that make a great bus driver.

What Can be Learned

Drivers who work for school bus services must work to hone their driving skills and knowledge of the rules of the road. Even though this knowledge is available to almost anyone, it takes great determination to grasp:


●        The laws and regulations surrounding school bus services. For example, did you know that a CLP, which you must get before you get your class B CDL, is nonrenewable and only good for six months? There are a whole bunch of rules surrounding the CDL process that new drivers must learn.

●        How to drive a bus. Driving a bus is nothing like driving a car. Buses are big, loud, and difficult to maneuver. Moreover, anyone who works in student transportation services must learn how to concentrate with sometimes rowdy children behind them.

●        How to keep calm under pressure. How do you save a passenger from heat stroke? What do you do if you encounter a summertime storm on the road? A good bus driver will act as a calm leader in times of stress; this skill can be taught in a good school bus driver training program.


What is Innate to a Good Bus Driver

This part of being a driver is a little harder to pin down—it’s that unexplainable knack for the job. However, it’s safe to say that good bus drivers:


●        Enjoy serving people. After all, their whole job is to take their passengers from Point A to Point B—and to be cheerful while doing so. If a bus driver doesn’t enjoy helping people out, they won’t be very good at their job.

●        Have good group social skills.  This is especially important if one works in student transportation services. Spending time with groups of people is a big part of working for a school bus contractor.

●        Are dedicated. Good bus drivers know the importance of their jobs. They know that working in a service industry brings a deep satisfaction that no other job type can.

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