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Need to get a group of people somewhere quick? A charter bus is the way to go. School bus rental isn’t just for districts in need anymore; everyone from corporations to religious groups to summer camps is discovering the unique social and emotional benefits that group transportation services bring to their events.

What are those benefits? Let Northstar bus lines, a third-generation group transportation services and school bus rental company, explain below.

Group Transportation Services Allow for Social Bonding

Face it: spending time alone in your car is lonely. With only the radio for company, you might find yourself yearning for the company of the group whose event you’re traveling to. An extensive drive is much more fun with friends.

But what if the group is only acquaintances? Group transportation services are a way for event participants to bond.

  • Religious Groups | Religious retreats can get a head start on a daily religion study, facilitating bonds as they discuss what their sacred texts mean to them.
  • Summer Camps | Summer camp kids can sing all the classic songs and quickly make friends, whose sides they stick by all season long.
  • Corporate Events | Employees who are going on a corporate retreat can discover who their coworkers are outside of work.

You may argue that this type of socializing happens during the event itself— but isn’t driving to the location a part of that event? Moreover, the purpose of a group event is to do things, to put it simply; very rarely will participants have a chance to simply sit and chat. Group transportation provides a space and a time for talking amidst a busy schedule; they promote social camaraderie in a way that few other things can.

Group Transportation Services Cut Down on Stress

If you’ve ever been lost, you know how stressful it can be. Even with modern cell phones and GPS systems, human error means that a driver can take a wrong turn and waste precious time getting back on the route. Moreover, traffic levels are so varying that modern technology sometimes struggles to predict accurate travel and arrival times. This means that, when travelling to an unfamiliar location, punctuality can be a struggle. And even if that struggle is through no fault of attendees, when they’re attending a jam-packed employee or religious event, it can mean they miss out on why they’re there.

When you hire group transportation services or school bus rental, you make sure that all of your event attendees reach their destination at the exact same time—no need to stress about somebody missing out. Plus, should you hire Northstar Bus Lines, you can rest easy knowing that our well-paid, supported and hardworking drivers have both the skills and the determination to get your group where it needs to go.

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Our company has been around for three generations. We know what we’re doing, and so do our drivers; many of them have decades of experience working with us. To learn more about what group transportation services can do for your religious group, nighttime or daytime game trip, corporate event, or summer camp, peruse the relevant pages or contact us today at 763-425-2542. We’re based in Maple Grove but can work with many surrounding locations.