In these trying times, it has been helpful to many to strengthen and reaffirm their ties to their faith. Religion and spirituality can provide a welcoming, safe haven for the troubled and hurting, and it can collectively give a person the strength to push forward when doing so seems impossible. It’s for all of these reasons that your religious organization might have begun to plan a retreat—with respect to social distancing, of course. Perhaps you’re working to devise ways to stay six feet apart, or perhaps you’re planning to get things moving after Covid-19 has passed. Either way, you’ve started the preparations now, and your heart is warm with the thought of how much this will matter in the lives of your organization’s attendants. You know this will make a difference!

Northstar Bus Lines of Maple Grove, as a provider of group transportation services, would like to thank you for providing such a crucial service to those in need—and free of charge, to boot. Like us, it’s obvious that you have the best interests of those you serve and care for at heart. However, you’ll be better able to express those interests, of course, if every logistical aspect of your retreat goes according to plan. Transportation is most likely a big part of, if not all of, said logistical aspects, yet it’s a factor that you might not consider in as much detail as, say, the contents of the worshipping sessions that happen at the retreat. Take it from us, as school bus contractors who work in group transportation each and every day: it pays to hire group transportation services for large events such as this one. Such services:

●        Make sure everyone gets to their destination at the same time | This ensures that nobody feels left out of the retreat or misses important concepts during the opening lecture, which their understanding of the rest of the retreat hinges on. The effectiveness of your religious retreat depends, in part, on how well you promote unity in your gathering, and group transportation services can help this unity happen.

●        Provide an opportunity for your attendants to bond outside of religion | During focused worship, it’s sometimes a little hard to turn and ask your neighbor how their day was. However, group transportation services provide the time and space for your attendants to do just that. By getting to know one another before the retreat begins, these attendants will set foot at their destination, feeling welcomed and included, which sets the stage for the ever-important unity, which leads to a successful retreat.

●        Makes your retreat more accessible | Do some of your potential attendees have disabilities that prevent them from driving? Do others not even have cars or licenses to begin with? How many people in attendance could afford to spare the gas money in these economically difficult times? Hiring group transportation services ensure that these disadvantaged, but willing, participants have a safe and stress-free route to your retreat.

Of course, all these benefits only apply if you hire a quality group transportation service. At Northstar Bus Lines, we strive for quality in everything that we do, from our school bus services to those we provide for religious retreats. We’re here to help you in your hunt for group transportation services; we’ll teach you how to spot the quality we work so hard to embody.

Group Transportation Services: Service with a Smile is Required

Religious retreats are supposed to be a time of spiritual revival and bonding with fellow worshippers. A sour bus ride to the retreat is absolutely no way to make this happen! When you’re looking for group transportation services for your religious retreat, search for a company like us that prioritizes positivity and cheer. Trust us: Your whole congregation will feel better for it and get more out of the retreat.

You should also look for:

●        Conscientious drivers | No matter what religion you and your attendees practice, you deserve respect and safe passage to your destination, and not just in the physical sense. Your driver should treat your group with nothing but the utmost respect for your customs and potential cultural differences. Retreats are a time for affirming and strengthening faith. Bigotry and callousness have no place there, and this line of thinking applies to your bus services as well.

●        Timely drivers | A retreat should take you away from stress and hardship and give you the time and space you need to focus on your spirituality. There’s no room in that for logistical problems! Look for a bus company that has taken concrete strides to outshine the competition in this respect. Such strides can look like installing GPS systems in their vehicles like we do, or providing paid training to new recruits, which we also do.

●        A customer-focused company | Just like the drivers that the company provides, your provider of group transportation services should be respectful of your religion in any and all conversation they carry on with you, be it over the phone or email. They should work collaboratively with you to meet your transportation needs, whether those needs are custom-specific or a simple matter of convenience. In other words, if you feel warm and cared about while working with this company, you’ve probably found the right one for your retreat!

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