Student Transportation

Student Transportation Services Around Minneapolis

You’d think it’s pretty simple to drive a schoolbus, right? Anyone can do it. You’re driving the same route every day, generally using the same vehicle and seeing the same kids. It’s for this reason—the idea that student transportation services are simple—that many school districts don’t think much of them. Administration is also often pressed for time and money; textbooks are expensive and paperwork is endless. They’ve got enough on their plates; the last thing they want to worry about is an expensive bus program.

At Northstar Bus Lines, we know the stress that comes with working in schools. In fact, some of our drivers are retired teachers or education workers. But we also know that student transportation services are anything but simple, and districts should never see them as an afterthought.

Your student transportation services should be top of the line, and it’s this top-of-the-line service that we at Northstar Bus Lines have provided for three generations.

Why Do Quality Student Transportation Services Matter?

  1. They’re a Big Part of Students’ Days.
    Though it depends on the exact route and speed of the driver, some students will spend at least forty minutes on the bus each day. That adds up to four hours each week! Many children are required, due to the distance they live from their schools, to use student transportation services. They deserve these weekly hours to be comfortable, relaxing, reliable, sanitary, and safe. We at Northstar pride ourselves on these aspects; you’re unlikely to find all five with any other bus company.
  2. Your Students’ Educations Depend on their Transportation Services.
    High-quality student transportation services also matter because the risks of hiring low-quality are too great to ignore. Unsafe and unreliable student transportation services will inevitably compromise many of your students’ abilities to get to school—especially if they can’t drive yet. Obviously, if you’re not in school, you’re not learning. By hiring low-quality student transportation services, you’re risking similar types of education and poor test scores.
  3. Your Teachers Depend on Student Attendance.
    In a way, student transportation services enable your education workers to do their jobs. After all, if there aren't any students to teach, what’s a teacher to do? By hiring low-quality student transportation services, you’re compromising not only your students’ ability to learn, but your teachers’ ability to stay satisfied in their jobs.

Need Student Transportation Services? Choose Northstar Bus Lines

We’re a third generation bus company, and many of our drivers have decades of experience working for us. If we weren’t the utmost in quality, we wouldn’t have been in the business for as long as we have.

Our personable and supportive attitude when it comes to our drivers is reflected in how they treat the students in their care. Our small, local company sets itself apart from other large corporations in that we genuinely care for both our employees and our clientele. GPS systems and cameras on every bus allow us to monitor the safety of students and drivers, and we train all of our drivers thoroughly in order to bring you the best student transportation services possible.

If you’re ready to invest in your students’ academic success, contact Northstar bus lines today at 763-425-2542 and see how we can help. We’re based in Maple Grove, but can work with almost any school district in the metro area.