School Bus Services

School Bus Services Around Minneapolis

Children really are our future, and quality school bus services make more of an impact on that future than most people think. Buy why? Not a lot of people think of school bus drivers when they think of people who impact kids. Furthermore, what on earth does quality even mean when it comes to school bus services?

Quality Defined in Your School Bus Service

Defining quality when it comes to school bus services isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Quality Means Reliability.

Quality school bus services make reliably attending school possible for many kids; without them, life would get all sorts of stressful for parents and a whole lot more unsafe for their children. Frigid Minnesotan winters can quickly cause frostbite, and wandering the streets alone simply isn’t safe in many metropolitan areas. A quality school bus service gives parents the peace of mind that their children will always get to and fro school on time and safely.

Quality Stresses Safety.

Quality school bus services also stress safety on part of the drivers. Complacency has no place in this industry. Driving city streets requires alertness and deft skill, even if one is driving the same route every day. Furthermore, children, as precious as they are, can be unpredictable and unaware of the consequences of their actions. Their brains have not yet fully developed life skills such as impulse control and emotional regulation. Quality school bus services will teach drivers how to safely manage sticky situations with the children on their buses.

Quality School Bus Services are Personable.

Depending on the length of the bus ride, children might see their bus driver for almost as long as they see some of their teachers! Bus drivers have huge impacts on children simply due to the sheer amount of time they spend together. Personable school bus services also make riding the bus an enjoyable experience for kids, which leads to better performance in the classroom. Grumpy kids do not willing students make!

Why Choose Northstar Bus Lines?

Northstar Bus Lines is a decades-old, third-generation company. If we weren’t good at what we do, we wouldn’t still be here. Over the years, we’ve narrowed down quality school bus services to a science.

  1. Each one of our buses is equipped with a camera and a GPS system. Our cameras maintain the safety of our drivers, while the GPS system helps us provide support, guidance, and supervision— key facets of safety in this industry.
  2. We’re one of the friendliest school bus services you’ll ever find. Our drivers are happy and content in their work, due to their paid training, weekly paychecks, extensive benefits and flexibility, and their genuine love of children. In fact, many of our drivers are retired teachers or administrators who still want to help kids even after their working years have passed.
  3. Our school bus services are family owned. We place a huge emphasis on making our drivers feel part of a community of servicepeople, which leads to better work performance and happier kids.

We’re the Right School Bus Service for Your District

Northstar Bus Lines is based in Maple Grove, but we serve a myriad of districts around the Minneapolis area—both public and charter schools. To discover more about what our top-of-the-line school bus service can do for your students, contact us today at 763-425-2542.