Minnesota School Bus Driver Training

We’ll pay you to earn your class B CDL and come to work for us! Northstar Bus Lines offers friendly, thorough, behind-the-wheel school bus driver training that teaches new drivers how to responsibly share the road while in their new, larger vehicle.

Why Do You Need School Bus Driver Training for Your Class B CDL?

Though it’s not legally required to take a training course before applying for your class B CDL, it is “highly recommended,” according to the Minnesota DVS.

Who could argue with that? Driving a bus is nothing like driving a car. Even though the controls may be similar, there is a whole host of new things to learn, such as how to park and turn when your vehicle isn’t as maneuverable as your standard car. Moreover, to apply for a school bus endorsement on your class B CDL, you’ll need to pass an additional written and road test that demonstrates you know everything from basic driving procedures to how to handle your passengers in an emergency. This isn’t common knowledge for many people; it’s knowledge best learned firsthand from industry professionals.

Plus, we’ll pay for your training if you accept a job with us. Learn a new skill and trade secrets, get paid while doing it, and have steady employment when it’s all said and done. Who wouldn’t want to opt in to training?

What Will You Learn from Northstar’s School Bus Driver Training?

Our company takes care of our drivers; we want to make sure you feel at-ease and supported behind the wheel at all times, whether during training or on the job. Our program is extensive, covering:

  • Laws you’ll need to know to pass the CDL exam
  • Emergency procedures
  • How to handle poor weather conditions
  • How to drive conscientious of your vehicle’s weight load
  • Minding your blind spots while driving, turning, and backing
  • Proper handling of rambunctious passengers
  • General road driving
  • Proper passing procedures

Train With a Caring, Supportive Company for Your Class B CDL

If you’re interested in joining a tight-knit community of drivers who care deeply about their communities, start your training with Northstar Bus Lines today at 763-425-2542. We’re based in Maple Grove but serve a variety of school districts; we’re bound to have future employment that works for you.