Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

At Northstar, we’re focused on community— both serving it and fostering it. That’s why we strive to make our company an amazing, tight-knit place to work. We take care of our drivers and foster a sense of belonging among them.

But don’t just take our word for it; check out what our employees are saying about us below.

“Good hard working staff. Close to home. Non-unions work place.”

Judy R.

“Northstar Staff are always helpful, they listen, and even overworked (driving routes). They do all they can to keep the company going. They are always welcoming!!”

Virginia B.

“The support and advice I get from all the drivers and all that work in the dispatch area has been very helpful for a first year driver.”

Michael J.

“I've been on board going on nine years now. We have an employer and staff that is helpful, understanding and fun to work with and for. I have no issues. I like working here!”

Ghost R.

“An excellent leadership environment. Management, payroll, and especially dispatch. A friendly, family type environment. Employee appreciation lunches”

Jim O.

“To be honest I started working here because I needed the money but now I'm glad I stayed because this job has been good to me and my child and I love that it's a family business. I could not ask for a better job and I was tired of staying at home with the kids. I was lonely and now I'm glad I have another family I come to work to. I love you Northstar”

Kiera W.

“I like working because the energy, staff and co-workers are awesome. Northstar feels like a team and not just a company.”

Dallas B.

“I like working here because I feel like I work with professionals that I can learn from and that will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities”

Lenita K.

“I LOVE the people and feel very comfortable talking about things. You are allowed to bring your kids with instead of putting them in a daycare and not being able to see them. The staff works very hard with schedules if a child is sick or you have a wedding coming up!”

Karley G.

“I've had amazing support from all (Jess, Kurt, Jeannie, Sue, Arlene, Kevin, etc.) and feel very appreciated and welcome here. I've had a couple of health issues that everyone has helped me immensely through.”

Christopher S.

“Effective and professional dispatchers, especially Jessica. Not being micro-managed and treated with suspicion. Getting many hours. And close to home.”

Vaughn D.

“I really enjoy the people. I love being able to build relationships with the children I see everyday. It’s a fun place to work, and keeps me busy. Also love the flexibility & ability to work extra hours when needed.”

Tara M.

“Dispatch rocks I feel like this is my other family”