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Summer Camp Transportation Around Minneapolis

As a kid, you probably didn’t think much about the buses that brought you to and from summer camp; they were just accessories to the entire experience. However, as an adult who works at a summer camp, you know that your bus services are anything but an accessory.

When you hire a bus service, you’re putting complete faith in that business that the children who attend your camp will arrive on time and safely—if not, it could affect your earnings for years to come. You’re also having faith that the bus company will deliver the children in a good mood; no kid wants their summer camp experience spoiled by a cranky driver.

At Northstar Bus Lines, we would be honored to serve your summer camp— day camp or sleepaway. We’re based in Maple Grove but will work with numerous camps around the area.

What Drivers Work Best for Summer Camps?

Whether your campers are bussed out on field trips daily or simply to and from camp, it’s crucial that they are escorted by happy, well-trained drivers. Why?

  1. Driving a new route is no easy task. No matter which type of camp you staff, it’s almost a necessity that your bus drivers will need to operate in unfamiliar territory; this requires a great deal of skill. Drivers which you hire for day camps, for example, must be trained to use a GPS system, drive their buses through unfamiliar areas, deal with rowdy kids, and all in all to expect the unexpected, more so than your typical bus driver.
  2. A cheerful driver means cheerful kids. Summer camps are supposed to be fun, and a dour driver can quickly ruin that for your campers. Therefore, a pleasant attitude is a must. You must be especially careful with the bus company you hire when it comes to day camps that do regular excursions; after all, your campers will be seeing a lot of their drivers.
  3. With summer camps, being on time is a priority. This is especially true with day camps, where schedules run tight and parents need to pick their kids up. The bus company must be consistent and punctual, lest your business’s name suffers.

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Why Hire Northstar Bus Lines?

You can rest easy putting your faith in us. Our drivers love working with kids; many of them are retired school employees with decades of experience with children. They drive to make an impact on these kids’ lives, even after their school days are over.

In addition, our generous employee benefits, extensive training, and supportive company culture mean that our drivers are happy in their work. This happiness rubs off on how they treat the kids in their care. Your campers’ summertime experiences will only be more joyous with our drivers around, no matter if the camp is sleepaway or just for the day.

Northstar Bus Lines has been around for four generations. We’re reliable and prioritize safety—our company wouldn’t exist today if we didn’t. If you want the highest quality summer camp bus services, contact us today at 763-425-2542.