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Religious Group Transportation Around Minneapolis

Whisking your religious group away on a long retreat or a daytime brunch is one of the best ways for congregation members to bond. Time for devotion and soul-searching is bound to bring your congregation closer—not to mention make worship a larger part of their lives for years to come. Volunteer events are also an opportunity for groups to give back to their communities and for congregation members to feel a spiritual connection to a higher power. Furthermore, weekly meetings such as brunches foster social connections between congregation members.

In sum, spending time together is one of the best ways to make a religious group’s time both spiritually and emotionally productive.

Of course, together time sounds lovely, but how are you to get a whole group to a remote campground, say, up North? Or to the unfamiliar location at which your volunteer event takes place? Or, if some of your congregation members can’t drive, how do you ensure that they don’t feel left out?

With a charter bus, of course—a convenient, environmentally friendly service which Northstar Bus Lines is adept at providing.

Northstar Bus Lines has been serving religious groups for generations; we understand that timely, kindly service is a must for these congregations. After all, retreats, volunteer opportunities, brunches, and the like are meant to take people away from stress and remind them of what’s truly important: helping others, spending time with loved ones, realizing their spiritual connection to their religion, and devoting themselves to a lifetime of worship. Cheerful, efficient service is the least we can do to facilitate such a greater purpose.

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Why Hire a Charter Bus Service for Your Religious Group?

Hiring a charter bus service like ours comes with many emotional and social benefits for event participants. If you’re still on the fence about hiring one for your group, learn why you should here.

If, however, you’re already interested in the most personable and reliable charter services around, contact North Star Today at 763-425-2542. We’re based in Maple Grove, but are happy to ferry large groups anywhere in the surrounding area.