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School Field Trip Bus Rental Services

School field trips are among the most memorable events of children’s lives. They’re an awesome way to make education fun! Often, they’re integral to the grade school experience, as they help reinforce key concepts taught in the classroom, as well as provide unique, hands-on learning experiences that classrooms sometimes struggle to provide.

Of course, shepherding an entire grade to their field trip location takes a lot of buses— uses that your current transportation company might not be able to provide. Moreover, children are likely to be especially unruly on field trips. Who can blame them? Field trips are fun and provide a welcome break from studying; no wonder they’re excited.

Because field trips require a very specific type of bus driver—one that can navigate a bus through unfamiliar territory, as well as deal with excited children—you can’t just hire any school field trip bus rental service. Go with Northstar Bus Lines, a company that’s been in the school field trip bus rental business for three generations. We’ve seen it all and are proud to offer the highest quality school field trip bus rental services.

What’s the Northstar Difference?

We’re a friendly, local business that prides itself on making riding the bus a welcoming experience for drivers and students alike; our school field trip bus rental services are no different. Our generous employee benefits and weekly paychecks mean that our drivers love their jobs, and the welcoming community we foster among our drivers ensures they feel like a part of something bigger than themselves. This happiness rubs off their cargo. Your kids won’t be complaining about mean bus drivers once you hire us!

In terms of school field trip bus rentals specifically, our drivers are equipped to handle the unique challenges that come with field trips. All of our buses are equipped with a GPS system, which comes in handy when driving in unfamiliar territory. Should a human error happen and one of our buses takes a wrong turn, we swoop in and support the driver as they swiftly navigate back onto the planned route. Safety and efficiency are among our top priorities.

Our cheerful drivers also love kids. Many are retired education workers themselves, and they drive buses to spend time with children and make an impact on their lives. Dealing with excited kids comes naturally to them!

Our drivers are extensively trained to handle the unexpected on the road and with the children. Many of them have been with us for decades and have additional experience garnered from their years on the job. You can trust that your children will be in safe hands, and that they will reach their destinations on time and happy.

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Hire Northstar Bus Lines for All your School Field Trip Bus Rental Needs

School field trip bus rental is never a decision your district should take lightly; there are too many unknown factors. Play it safe and hire Northstar Bus lines for all your field trip bus rental needs. We’d be privileged to make an impact on your students’ lives. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us at 763-425-2542.