Maple Grove

Charter Bus Services in Maple Grove

High-class shops and gorgeous landscaping abound in Maple Grove, Minnesota. This city has it all, from a thriving community center to fine dining to expansive natural parks. A charter bus is a wonderful way for your group—corporate, religious, you name it—to experience all this exciting city has to offer.

Maple Grove’s Main Attractions

  • Shop at any of the numerous strip malls in the city, or go big with the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes, which houses many a name brand store and boutique. Book lovers will spend hours at one of the few Barnes and Noble stores around the area. If you’ve got a group with varied interests, a charter bus can help make sure everyone gets to shop somewhere they’ll love.
  • Dine at the countless upscale steakhouses and gourmet Chinese restaurants. The food here is as diverse as the shopping. A trip to Maple Grove is a perfect way to treat yourself. Always remember a designated driver if your group will be drinking!
  • Play at the seemingly endless natural parks that dot the area. Elm Creek is a local favorite, with its expansive winter recreation area and educational opportunities for children. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, consider Maple Grove’s many go-kart facilities and arcades.
  • Learn about nature at the same parks at which you’ll play away the day. Especially if you’re supervising a group of kids on a field trip, physical education is a must. A charter bus is the easiest way to get any group, kids or adults, from Point A to Point B, and it becomes even easier with our skillful drivers in the mix.

Why Hire a Charter Bus for your Maple Grove Trip?

Trains, planes, and ride-share apps are the conventional ways of navigating an unfamiliar city as a group. Normally, people don’t think of hiring a charter bus to play that role. However, as a charter bus company, we can attest to the fact that our services are one of the most efficient ways to experience all that any city has to offer.

How do Maple Grove charter busss do it better?

  • You’ll never be stressed. Planes and trains only use a single route. While this makes them predictable, and a somewhat effective means of group transportation, they often can only get you so close to where your group wants to go. Most people don’t want to vacation at the train station, for example! That means it’s up to you to find your way to your location of choice after you get off. For your group, this either necessitates a stressful and expensive car rental process or rideshare process. With a charter bus from Northstar Bus Lines, on the other hand, you’ll get exactly where you need to be—on time, every time, stress free.
  • You’ll see a friendly face. When was the last time your pilot left the cockpit to make sure all their passengers were doing alright? Yes, we know that’s a safety hazard, but the point is that other forms of public transportation can feel quite lonely. At Northstar Bus Lines, our cheerful service will make your group feel right at home—a relief in an unfamiliar city!
  • You’ll never fear poor service. Other bus services don’t invest in their drivers like we do. Our phenomenal dispatch team is always just a call away for our employees, and every one of our buses is equipped with a GPS system for guidance. Even if the driver does take a wrong turn, they have the support they need to get back on route.

For the highest quality bus services in the Maple Grove area, contact Northstar Bus Lines at 763-425-2542. We’d be thrilled to play a role in your next team-building excursion.