Explore One of Minnesota’s Lesser Known Gems in a Charter Bus

Blaine’s convenient location in relation to many other cities makes it the perfect place to start your Minnesota exploration. As of 2018, it had the highest economic growth rate of any Twin Cities suburb, and it boasts a variety of attractions itself, from community events to natural parks.

What shouldn’t you miss if you visit Blaine or the surrounding areas?

Children Will Love:

  • Bunker Beach. Located in Coon Rapids, just a hop away from Blaine, this water park is the perfect place for everything from birthday parties to end-of-year field trips. With its sprawling wave pool, peppy music, numerous water slides and sand pit, it’s any kid’s summer paradise. Just remember sunscreen and to pack some cash for the frozen treats! If you’re transporting a large group of kids, just remember to hire your group transportation services well in advance, as the summer months are busy for everyone.
  • Bunker Park Stables. Horseback riding is a dream come true for many children; visiting Bunker Park Stables is a great way for them to get the horse time they crave. The well-trained horses here foster confidence in the saddle, and the experience as a whole will teach children valuable lessons about agriculture and animal husbandry. The facility is a bit out of the way, so hiring professional group transportation services is your best bet for getting there on time.
  • The National Sports Center. The National Sports Center truly lives up to its grandiose name. This facility in Blaine has over 50 soccer fields! For the sports-obsessed, there are many opportunities here for both social and athletic development—sometimes both at once!

Adults will Love:

  • Shopping. The Northtown Mall is the perfect size for a group excursion—not so large that one gets lost, but not so small that you run out of things to do. However, you may still get lost getting there if you’re unfamiliar with the area, but luckily, a charter bus can easily mitigate this problem.
  • Low-key dining. Tired after a long day of shopping? Blaine’s countless restaurant chains make grabbing a quick bite easy. Just remember your designated driver if necessary!
  • City-wide events. The city itself hosts many fun and free community events that are perfect for the group on a budget. You can use the spare money to invest in a charter bus service and ensure a stress-free experience.

What Can Our Charter Buses Do for You?

Our buses ensure that your group gets where they need to be on time, each time. We make the chaos that comes with individual transportation vanish. On top of that, though, we also prize personability in our drivers; we’ll make you feel at home, no matter how far away you are, geographically, from it.

We at Northstar Bus Lines are stress relievers; we take the anxiety and unknowns out of travel.

  • Let us navigate the unknown streets. For many drivers—new and experienced alike—travel is exhausting. Getting lost on top of that can be too much for anyone to handle. With our experienced bus drivers on the job, you won’t need to worry about dealing with navigating a strange city.
  • Let us take care of logistical stress. Individual transportation, even if your group carpools, requires constant communication from all parties about who is going to be where and when. With Minnesota’s Hands Free law, communication of any sort becomes nearly impossible. Stay connected with your group with a charter bus service.
  • Let us eliminate your hosts’ anxieties. When a group is late to a reserved appointment, it sets the host of said appointment behind schedule—hence why it’s considered courteous to arrive on time or early. With a charter bus service from Northstar Bus Lines, you’ll never have to worry about anyone being late. Show your appreciation for your host’s services by being a courteous customer.

For a charter bus service that truly is all that, contact Northstar Bus Lines of Blaine today. Our third-generation company has seen it all, so you can trust that we’ll give it our all when it comes to group transportation. Give us a call today at 651-621-8900.