Schools ask a lot of students, and that statement couldn’t be more true than during these challenging times. Studying hard and maintaining grades in the midst of a global pandemic? It’s hard enough for many adults to keep going like everything is normal, let alone succeed!

However, it’s still important to believe in the potential of your students, as that belief goes a long way towards keeping morale high. But you won’t create a successful school on morale and belief alone – you also need to provide students with the resources to be successful.

Sure, we’re talking about textbooks, good lunches, competent staff, and a psychologically safe school environment that’s free from bullying. But we’re also talking about quality school bus services. Without relaxing rides with caring drivers to bookend your days, your students are missing out on a massive constant in their lives, something they need right now in order to live up to the potential you know they possess. You owe them such services as a school if you want to continue to foster a prosperous district, now more than ever before.

Finding Quality School Bus Services With a Tight Budget

Your budget is tight, and you want to spend spare money on something you know will pay dividends in the form of an improved school district. For many organizations, investing in high-end student transportation services probably doesn’t fall into that category at first consideration. You’ve got computer labs to upgrade, media centers to renovate, and art programs to run – why spend valuable cash on the thing that just takes kids to and from school and not the school itself?

Take it from a Maple Grove provider of group transportation services: Great drivers matter more in the course of your students’ days than you might first think. They’re not something to be skimped on – they’re something that contributes greatly to the quality of childrens’ educational experiences.

Consider all the time in a week your students spend on the bus.

Even if a given child only rides the bus for, say, 20 minutes one way, that’s still over three hours of time spent weekly just in the care of your student transportation services. That’s more time than kids spend with some arts and phys ed teachers!

If those staff members matter in your school – and of course they do – then so do your school bus contractors, simply because they spend a lot of time in the presence of your students.

If students can’t get to school on time, they’re missing out on learning opportunities.

Yes, this is true even if your school bus services are only five minutes late each morning! That’s 25 minutes weekly that students who ride that route miss out on – 25 minutes of math, reading, or valuable socialization activities you’re robbing them of.

Yearly, that time adds up. How is a student supposed to succeed if their student transportation services don't grant them the same opportunities as their peers?

Peer relationships form an important part of students’ lives.

Aside from lunch and recess, time spent on student transportation services is some of the only time students get to socialize with their peers, and this sort of thing is important. A child who has a vibrant social network feels supported and is ready to tackle anything, while one who is bullied has to fight simply to make it through the school day.

Your school bus services, through driver supervision and rule enforcement, can foster either kind of social environment. It’s your choice.

We Understand What Matters for School Bus Companies

As you can see, school bus contractors have great influence over the quality of education students receive, from ensuring equal opportunities to fostering healthy social environments. So much time is spent riding the bus weekly that it’s hard for drivers not to play a substantial role in their charges’ days.

That’s why at Northstar Bus Lines, we are committed to providing quality school bus services. We understand the role we play, and we know that that role matters.

●        We work hard to make riding the bus as happy an experience as possible. Because our drivers are well-supported financially and otherwise, they remain driven and cheerful, passing that attitude onto your students.

●        Punctuality is a given. That’s what it means in our eyes to be a quality provider of school bus services: we get students to school on time, every time without skimping on safety.

●        Bullying has no place in our vehicles. Because our drivers make a point to form a personal relationship, however small, with each student, they’ll quickly pick up on if something’s not right. Furthermore, we’re experts in handling bullying should it ever rear its head – many of our employees have worked in schools before.

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