Has anyone ever told you that you’d be great at a given career field, only for you to smile and reply that you don’t have the talent? It’s safe to assume that many of us have been there either in the name of modesty, self-doubt, or even more practical monetary concerns. In fact, this might be the very thing that’s stopping you from becoming a class B CDL holder and learning how to become a bus driver, despite the job’s numerous practical and emotional benefits.

You may believe that there’s some inner “spark” or social stature that workers in the school bus services industry have that you don’t, and that if you were to take a job with a school bus contractor that you just wouldn’t have what it takes.

We at Northstar Bus lines, as a renowned school bus contractor, are here to put that negativity to rest! While there are certainly skills that make great bus drivers – which we’ve talked about on our student transportation services blog – aside from certain legal restrictions, there’s practically no limit to who can become a bus driver, especially one that signs on with Northstar Bus Lines.

We Remove Economic Barriers to Open Doors for Potentially Amazing Employees

Face it: normally, becoming a class B CDL holder is an investment. While it’s not required that you take an official training course here in Minnesota to receive your licence, it’s strongly recommended. How else would you memorize all the information you need for multiple exams, and how else could you gain the practical skills you needed to pass the road test?

Unfortunately, these classes tend to cost quite the pretty penny, which puts potentially great school bus services workers who can’t cough up the cash at a marked disadvantage. Plus, taking those classes means less time spent at work, which further hinders individuals who don’t have savings stashed away they can use to take time off.

All this added up does mean that, typically, if you want to learn how to become a bus driver, you must be of a certain economic standing. This, of course, shuts a lot of people out of the industry – people who could make amazing school bus services employees.

We at Northstar Bus Lines see this barrier, and we’ve taken actionable steps to break it. Money shouldn’t get in the way of you pursuing your dreams, or even of your making more money.

●        We offer a generous sign-on bonus. Just for committing to working with us, we’ll provide you with a large sum of money. Consider it both a thank-you gift and something you can use to carry your family through any financial hardship that may have preceded your finding a new job.

●        We pay for your training. You heard right – we pay you to learn! No longer are the skills required to hold a class B CDL locked away behind an economic wall.

●        We offer industry-competitive pay. You’ll be doing quite well for yourself even after you’ve taken our paid training course and sign-on bonus. Shortchanging employees is not something we tolerate here in any sense of the word.

As you can see, Northstar Bus Lines doesn’t just talk about making school bus services a more financially accessible career path – we walk the walk. Through providing the money disadvantaged potential drivers need to break into the industry, we open the door for more and more of them to both embrace their true calling and provide for their families.

What Matters to Us: A Passion for Service

The students we serve are diverse, just as our employees are. One thing all of our employees have in common: a passion for serving the next generation. It’s what made our company such a great provider of school bus services and such an amazing place to work. As long as you have this, other facets of your identity don’t matter in relation to your potential employment with us.

We won’t squash that passion with a heartless work culture either, like other providers of student transportation services might. Because our employees are a collection of passionate individuals, you’re bound to fit right in and be welcomed with open arms.

On a company-wide scale, we work hard to maintain this atmosphere, too. We pay our driven workers what they deserve and host regular events to bolster our employee community – a community that’s waiting for passionate individuals just like you.

As long as our values align, there’s a place for you at Northstar Bus Lines.

Looking for Employment? Contact Northstar Bus Lines Today!

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