We’ve, more than unfortunately, yet to rid our nation of the Coronavirus.

We won’t go into all the implications this carries for public health and our individual safety; You’ve probably already replayed them anxiously in your mind. We at Northstar Bus Lines understand that this is a stressful time, and we don’t mean to make it moreso. However, it’s imperative that school administrators not only look at the current circumstances from a public health standpoint, but also with their students’ best interests at the forefront.

As a school bus contractor, we believe every child has a right to a safe education. Health experts say the way to grant them that right now is by taking preventative measures like social distancing and masks, so our drivers work hard to follow all of the new guidelines.

We want to see schools go back to normal more than anything, believe that! Not being able to operate normally has affected our school bus company. But we also feel that there are more important things on the line right now.

●        Students deserve protection. This pandemic is a lot for anyone to grapple with, especially children, and especially young children or those with preexisting mental or physical health conditions. Students may have anxiety over the public health crisis, so it’s important for school to feel like a safe space.

●        Stressed students can’t learn. If children have to worry constantly about carrying the sickness home, they’re going to be more preoccupied than they already are. That certainly is not a ready-to-learn mindset.

The Coronavirus makes learning hard right now. But this year has also taught us all patience and perseverance. And there are always ways that you, as a school administrator, can create a more conducive learning environment. You can put your students at ease by demonstrating that you’re taking stringent protective measures.

As your student transportation company, we’re doing everything we can to protect them once they get on the bus!

School Bus Safety During the Pandemic

In the eyes of many concerned parents, your group transportation services are synonymous with your school district. If a child were to fall ill as a result of negligent bus drivers, or even simply take on excessive stress, all of the above consequences could befall your school as well as the school bus contractor, even if your district is the most spick-and-span establishment in town.

That’s why you need a student transportation services provider who takes this pandemic as seriously as you do. You need Northstar Bus Lines.


●        Socially distanced seating gives kids plenty of elbow room. We’ve been up to our ears with social distancing reminders since March, but the fact of the matter is that it remains an effective way to reduce viral transmission. That’s why our buses are spacing out the students inside them and operating at a reduced capacity. We value the safety of our future generations, and you should, too.

●        Masks are a necessity for both drivers and students. It’s a simple action that, these days, is almost common courtesy. Masking up, even when practicing social distancing, helps reduce chance transmissions, and that’s why we require them to ride with us.

●        Our drivers are working hard to support students’ mental health. We’ve always been a jovial crew; we strive to create an environment in which our workers feel supported enough to enjoy their jobs. Now, we want to pass that support onto your students.

By maintaining a personal relationship, however small, with each child on our buses, our drivers can spot signs of dismay or trouble before they escalate into failing grades or serious emotional problems. We’re here for your district during these tough times in more ways than one.

●        Extensive sanitizations after every route keep drivers and students alike safe. There have never been grungy busses on our watch, and we don’t intend to relax our standards anytime soon. In fact, we’ve increased them to help our employees and their charges stay healthy.

Contact Northstar Bus Lines for Safe Student Transportation Services

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