Talk to any employee of our school bus services about their job, and they’ll no doubt mention the great company culture, great benefits, and great pay. Indeed, we at Northstar Bus Lines, as a provider of student transportation services, pride ourselves on creating one of the best work environments around—and we don’t only aim to be one of the best employers in the group transportation services industry. We work hard to ensure that our employees enjoy the very best treatment that we can provide for them, regardless of what the industry standard says we should do.

●        We offer incredibly flexible scheduling | We get it: in this day and age, you’re probably more strapped for time than ever. Many people have to work multiple jobs to get by, and the schedules for said jobs don’t always line up. But there’s no need to feel like you’re trapped in a constant cycle of which boss can I afford to make angry today?. With Northstar Bus Lines’ flexible scheduling opportunities, you can become the job-juggling genius you always knew you could be. Drive buses in the morning and show up to your retail job in the afternoon. Need adjustments? Just let us know ahead of time, and we’ll do the best we can to grant them.

●        Work in an environment where you can let your hair hang down | Tired of a stuffy office job or putting on a fake customer-service smile? While we at Northstar Bus Lines value professionalism and a job well done, our work environment is one filled with laughter, acceptance, and kindhearted banter. You’re sure to find friends here, and our regular employee events make this even more of a surety—if that’s possible!

●        Enjoy paid training and financial support as you change jobs | Don’t yet have your school bus endorsement on your Class B CDL? We’ve got you covered. When those in need sign on with Northstar Bus Lines, they’ll participate in our paid training program in which they learn the ins and outs of working in school bus services. Everything you need to pass the tests, both written and road, will be covered in this training, in addition to insider tips and tricks gleaned from years of service. Plus, as we said, every part of our training is paid, so you can rest easy if you’re between jobs; you’ll have all the financial support you’ll need to focus on studying to earn your Class B CDL.

Sound too good to be true? We don’t blame you. It isn’t often you find a company like us who is so focused on worker welfare, inside the school bus services industry or not. Why you may be thinking, would any company want to do all this? What do they gain? If you hold a Class B CDL, you also might know that other school bus contractors don’t always treat their employees the best, even though those drivers are the linchpin that holds a successful student transportation services company together. But it’s precisely because drivers play such an important role in student transportation services that we at Northstar Bus Lines strive to make your time with us as amazing as we possibly can.

●        You, as a driver, are the future of Northstar Bus Lines | Without drivers who are steadily employed, any bus company wouldn’t live to see the next day. Just like the children you will chauffeur are the future of society, then, your continued working for us is the future of our company. What kind of school bus contractor would we be if we didn’t work hard to ensure a good future by providing the benefits that we do? Certainly not a very long-lasting one, if anything! By creating an amazing work culture and generously supporting our drivers, our company ensures a stable future for itself, which, of course, also ensures a stable future for its employees in more ways than one.

●        You are the face of our business day in and day out | It’s not the company administrators or dispatchers who interact daily with our clients—though we certainly treat these employees well too. Our bus drivers have the greatest effect on client satisfaction when push comes to shove, so of course, it’s a smart business decision to make sure that they are treated well so that they can perform at their best.

●        It’s just the right thing to do | As an employer, we understand the massive impact that we have on our employees’ day-to-day lives. We know that we have the ability to make the huge amounts of time they spend working for us amazing—something that gets them out of bed in the mornings—or something they come to dread. We’ve actively chosen to use our influence for the good of those who work for us simply because it wouldn’t sit right on our conscience otherwise.

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