You’re a class B CDL holder. You’ve driven big rigs and hauled countless types of cargo down the freeway. You take great pride in your work—and who wouldn’t? It’s not just anyone that can get behind the wheel of a massive vehicle and risk their lives in unpredictable traffic to get the job done, and on a time limit to boot! From us at Northstar Bus Lines, as school bus contractors: thank you for your grit, determination, and devotion to your work. Many industries couldn’t survive without it!

Despite all your job does for others, and despite the love you have for driving, you’ve been thinking lately that it's time for a career change. Why else would you have stumbled upon this blog post? Something has left you unsatisfied with your current position—though it certainly isn’t the job itself, as you know in your heart that operating huge vehicles is something that makes you happy. You love the challenge and the manual skills required to do so. So what could make you unhappy with your current job?

●        Bad pay | Are you not making as much as you feel you should be? Are you and your family struggling to make ends meet with your current salary? Have you recently taken an undeserved pay cut? All of the above could leave you dejected and resentful at your current employer. Though you understand that times are tough, it’s hard to stay motivated when it seems you’re not compensated enough for your efforts.

●        Nasty company culture | For a Class B CDL holder, just like any other worker, company attitude matters. If you’re in an environment in which you feel you can’t speak up or be yourself, of course, you’ll resent going to work! You spend so much of your time on the job; you deserve a place in which your skills are valued and where you feel you fit in.

●        Loneliness | Many Class B CDL holders have lonely jobs. Truck driving isn’t exactly a career conducive to making deep connections with new people, as you’re only out of the cab on your off time, and you’re often not in the same area for long. Perhaps you’re feeling lonely and socially neglected in your current Class B CDL job. Even the most introverted individuals need human connection to feel truly fulfilled, and if you’re not getting that from your current job, it’s no wonder that you dislike it so much.

So, should you make the switch? While we can’t speak for your personal situation, we at Northstar Bus Lines, as providers of group transportation services, encourage you to take a long, hard look at your current place of employment and ask yourself if any of the above problems are bothering you there. If so, we may have the perfect position for you.

Why Learn How to Become a Bus Driver at Northstar Bus Lines?

Simply put: you won’t encounter any of the above complaints with us! Since opening our doors and beginning to provide student transportation services decades ago, we’ve strived to not only care for the students in our care, but for our employees too. Happy drivers provide great service, as well as are more motivated to stick with us for the long haul. Plus, taking care of one’s workers is just the right thing to do, and as a company, we understand the influence we have on our employees’ wellbeing.

Alright, you may be thinking, I’ve seen these sorts of statements before. What does Northstar Bus Lines actually do to take care of its employees? To that, we answer with the following:

●        We pay competitively and weekly, as well as provide paid training | We believe that you should be fairly compensated for all that you do, so when it comes to our bus drivers, we don’t skimp on that compensation! We even offer a sign-on bonus, which you can put into savings or use to carry your family through your career change. You probably won’t need to do the latter, though, as our training is paid.

●        Our company culture is warm and supportive | With our top-notch dispatch team and frequent employee events, you’ll feel welcomed and supported not only financially with us, but socially, too. Despite our adherence to the most stringent bussing standards, our work environment remains low-key and friendly, and you’ll quickly be seen as one of the team.

●        We provide countless socialization opportunities | Bus driving is a service that involves working with people and interacting with them. Strike up a chat with other drivers over coffee before heading out for your morning route, and realize your influence on others as you work to support your passengers’ comfort and safety. No more lonely hours spent by yourself behind the wheel!

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We’d love to help you achieve your school bus endorsement and reach new vocational heights. For employment opportunities, give our Maple Grove terminal a call at 763-425-2542.