Long road trips—they’re either the best thing ever or the bane of group outings everywhere. Singing along to old music or constantly complaining about cramped legs, it can seem as though it’s up to fate how any given jaunt out of a group’s comfort zone might go. If this road trip is important, though—say, it’s for a religious retreat or a community summer camp—you’ll want to take extra steps to make sure your clients have the smoothest rides possible. Of course, we’re talking in more than the physical sense. You want to make sure everyone arrives emotionally ready to engage in the excursions ahead, for one, and that everyone arrives on time and in one piece. You’re probably spending a lot of money and time on this endeavor, and to have it go to waste because the group you’re in charge of is just too exhausted or wired to engage with the present moment, and that’s a whole lot of cash down the drain!

Enter group transportation services from Northstar Bus Lines, the seamless, simple way to get a whole bunch of people from point A to point B on time, every time. With our expansive busses and friendly drivers, we’re here to help make this trip the best one yet for your organization.

Certainly, though, you must think your group transportation services aren’t for everyone. You’re a school bus contractor and provider of student transportation services, not a cross-country bus line! While it’s true that we’re not as big as some of our competitors, our group transportation services are much more able and versatile than you might think. Whether you’re in the market for a service to safely transport your religious group, your officemates, or a miscellaneous group of cohorts, you’d be wise to work with Northstar for a trip of any length.

Discover What Northstar Bus Lines Can Do for Your Group Trip

We’re a three-generation provider of group transportation services; that distinction doesn’t come without some perks. Over the years, we’ve honed our company’s mission and ironed out all the mishaps, leaving you, our clients, with service tempered by many years in the industry. That isn’t something that all bus companies can say! Over these years, too, we’ve had the privilege of helping countless types of clients get where they need to go, from wedding parties to church congregations. With our versatile skill-set and fine-tuned administration, we set ourselves apart as a provider of group transportation services. No matter what your group’s motives for traveling are, we’re sure to have handled a similar situation in the past.

Sure, we might soar above the competition when it comes to experience, but that’s a rather generic qualification. What do we bring to the table when it comes to long road trips?

●        Sunny dispositions and smiles for miles | We specifically select our drivers for their jovial natures and jolly attitudes. When it comes to the ultimate road-tripping companions, look no further from Northstar Bus Lines. Would you expect anything else from a company that primarily works with children? All that being said, we know that positive attitudes will quickly be extinguished in the workplace if employees aren’t supported, valued, or well-paid. That’s why we take great efforts to make sure that our workers know just how important their jobs are via our amazing benefits and substantial sign-on bonuses. We treat our employees like the priceless assets they are, which means that you, the client, get to experience a genuinely jovial traveling companion who is sure to brighten your day. What road-tripping group wouldn’t appreciate that?

●        Unparalleled punctuality | Again, what else would you expect from a provider of student transportation services? We’re used to being exactly on time to every stop we make—too early, and our students risk missing their rides, too late, and they risk missing out on their education. Indeed, we understand that, even after graduation, being late is absolutely unacceptable; however, in many traveling contexts, being too early can stress out the hosts of your excursion, leading to sub-par service. Work with Northstar Bus Lines, and you’ll rest easy, knowing everything will go according to plan. Stressing less is something everyone should consider these days!

●        A comfortable space to socialize and bond | Something about long car rides together is just conducive to a group-wide bond. Perhaps it’s the sheer amount of time spent alone together, or perhaps it’s the looking forward to the great times that lie ahead at your destination. Regardless, when it comes to long trips, we at Northstar Bus Lines pride ourselves on our spacious buses and comfortable seating. Enjoy spending time together without arguing about whose turn it is to drive or grimacing at your own leg cramps. We all could do with a little less friction.

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We’re a Maple Grove provider of everything from school field trip bus rental to, yes, large-group transportation services. To see what we can do for your next excursion with your pals, give us a call at 763-425-2542.