As the weather turns colder and fall enters the air, it’s hard not to think about going back to school. This year, though, global affairs certainly have made doing so a little harder for everyone involved—students and staff alike. Reeling from the rapid implementation of distance learning programs, teachers are still figuring out how to conduct classes safely in the wake of the Coronavirus at the time this blog is being written, be those classes digital or in-person. Administrators are faced with a difficult question: should they conduct in-person classes or stick to digital platforms to further reduce the risk of infection? Finally, students, though they may currently be appearing to enjoy the final days of their summer vacations, probably are feeling the stress that comes with the future being so uncertain.

In short, everyone is stressed right now, and everyone is struggling. As an administrator, this probably has left you wondering what you can do to help make easier the lives of your students and staff. Certainly, sending letters of condolence and reassurance is a great first step, but you might be itching to take some more tangible action—to make a big change that will make the coming school months, regardless of what they look like, easier for everyone. While there are plenty of such changes you can make, Northstar Bus Lines is here to bring to light one of the less obvious ones: Changing school bus contractors and working with us.

Are You Making a Change? Won’t that Just Add to the Current Chaos?

That’s a valid question! Perhaps you believe that adding more change to an already unpredictable environment that changes at the whims of global affairs isn’t the best thing. Now, instead of simply asking your students and staff to keep up with their daily to-do lists as the world rocks around them, you’re also asking them to deal with new student transportation services? That sounds simply unfair!

While it might be when you switch to other group transportation services, it isn’t with us. Northstar Bus Lines is a company dedicated to seamless service and making things as easy as we can for both our drivers and clientele. We understand how difficult times are right now—we’re living through them too. Our Maple Grove terminal is here to do everything we can to make school easier for everyone, whether that means stepping up to the plate this fall or in the future. Our company has long strived to embody service at its pinnacle, and just because the current times are stressful doesn’t mean we’re any less devoted to that mission.

Our spirit of service has differentiated us from other bus companies for years. We can and will serve as a valuable asset to your district as the global situation shifts, providing a strong, stable, and positive presence that students, staff, and other administrators alike can count on.

●        You can count on a company that sets its drivers up for success | Building a company that practices great service hinges on the providing of its employees with the resources they need to do so. The unsupported and undervalued employees from other bus companies cannot be the sort of calming, optimistic presence that your district needs right now. When you switch to Northstar Bus Lines, your students will encounter steadfast and service-minded drivers—ones that truly care about the quality of ride they provide. Through good pay and community support, we set our drivers up so that their naturally kind spirits can shine through, creating a caring environment that your students no doubt need right now.

●        When your students are happy, your teachers are likewise | Times are had for everyone right now, but teachers are arguably bearing a larger load than most. For one, they had to learn to practice an entire distance learning curriculum out of the blue, and they’re also currently dealing with, in many cases, not knowing what type of lesson plans they’ll need to create for the coming year. Talk about stress! Setting your students up for success is the very least you can do as an administrator, and you can do that by bookending their days with a reliable and consistent bus company like Northstar Bus Lines. When you take steps to decrease your students’ stress and increase their well-being, they become more teachable, which, in turn, decreases your teachers’ stress levels and improves their on-the-job performance.

●        We’re in it for more than the money | We’re here because we love to serve. Period. When you do business with a company like us that is passionate about helping others, you’ll bring a much-needed source of positivity into not only your students’ lives but your own life and the lives of your staff. By constructing a school environment that is safe, welcoming, and hopeful, you can be a part of helping the world heal from the devastating effects of the Coronavirus.

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