Is your school bus contractor not pulling their own weight? Are stops getting missed, or have you received complaints from students or parents about drivers having bad attitudes? Regardless of your reasons, you’ve decided to switch providers of student transportation services—and if you switch to Northstar Bus Lines, we guarantee you’ll never be happier. Our unique approach to doing group transportation services, from our supportive company culture to our customer-focused values, make us the ideal provider of school bus services for practically any district.

We understand the importance of quality school bus services. Our cheerful drivers bookend your students’ days with goodwill, and our extensive training programs for said drivers ensure both punctuality and safety on the roads. You can rest easy knowing that your students will be taken care of emotionally and physically when they board our busses. Moreover, many of our drivers have previously worked with children in some capacity and come to us with previous hard-earned experience managing large groups of kids. When you hire Northstar Bus Lines as a partner for your district, you’re reaping the benefits of this experience in addition to those provided by a company that truly cares about the lives of all whom it influences. You really could not ask for a better school bus contractor.

No matter the quality of your school bus services, switching will always be an adjustment. It will take some time for your school bus contractor to get to know your district and your needs, and it will take an equal amount of time for you to learn what you can expect from them in return.

Northstar Bus Lines is here to support you through your transition period with us. Below, you’ll find a few tips on how to adjust to your new school bus contractor, and how to help your students do likewise.

Communication is Crucial

As with many areas of life, when you’re switching from one school bus contractor to another, communication is essential. Make sure to reach out to your new busing partner if you have any questions at all. They have an obligation to answer them in a timely manner. Take notes of these answers if it helps you remember them! Communication about the new busing system must also come from both ways. It’s unreasonable to expect any school bus contractor to read your mind, so your contractor will contact your district with any questions. As far as both parties are concerned, asking questions shouldn’t be considered an indication of negligence, but rather a desire to be thorough and make sure your new relationship begins as seamlessly as possible.

Of course, there’s a whole other group that might need help adjusting to your new school bus contractor: your students. While it won’t be a big disturbance to their daily lives, especially with a company like Northstar Bus Lines, making sure everything goes smoothly is your duty as an administrator. A few simple ways to ease your students’ transitions include the following:

●        Let everyone know ahead of time that your school bus contractor will be changing | No matter how old you are, it’s always comforting to know that a change will happen ahead of time. Letting your students know that something in their routine will be changing far ahead of when that change actually takes place helps alleviate any anxieties, especially in younger children or those with special needs. With the proper resources, they can prepare for the change ahead and not feel rushed or panicked.

●        Post extra supervision for the first week or so as children leave school | Even with clear signs in the bus windows, it can be surprisingly difficult to find one’s proper route—all buses are painted yellow, after all! Sending extra supervision out as kids board their afternoon buses can help minimize any mishaps. Inform children ahead of time to reach out if they feel confused, and that there will be plenty of adults around to lend a helping hand. A cooperative and understanding attitude when it comes to this supervision is a must.

●        Invest in a school bus contractor who employs helpful drivers | You won’t need to worry about this one if you’re employing Northstar Bus Lines! Helpful drivers will keep an eye on all kids that board their buses and confirm they are entering the correct vehicle. Few things are scarier for young children than the thought of boarding the wrong bus and being taken to a completely unfamiliar neighborhood. Your school bus contractor’s drivers should understand this and work to help out in any way they can.

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