We all remember a particularly notable field trip from our youths. Be it one to a fancy museum, a water park, a governmental building, or something entirely different, they’re no doubt an opportunity for students to make memories. To transport such a large group of students at one time, you might consider hiring school field trip bus rental services, and maybe you’re even considering bargain-hunting. After all, the meat of the field trip is in the actual event, right? What happens on the bus isn’t nearly as important, or so you might think. As long as it gets the kids from point A to point B, at the end of the day, everything will be fine.

While your students might look forward to the field trip’s events more so than the bus ride there, as a school bus contractor, we understand the importance of safe, efficient transportation. We also know that the ride to the field trip matters more than many school administrators might think. For example, say the school bus services you hire consists solely of surly drivers. Good luck getting rambunctious young kids to cooperate with their teachers outside of the classroom after they’ve dealt with such grumpy authority figures.

You’ll never deal with sullen drivers when you hire Northstar Bus Lines of Maple Grove. We make it a point to take care of our employees. From great pay to amazing workplace culture, we do our part to make our drivers content in their work. Below, we dive deeper into the importance of hiring such a company when it comes to field trips.

Set the Tone for a Great Trip with Northstar Bus Lines

When it comes to providers of school bus services, you probably want to invest quite a bit and to be quite choosy in your day-to-day group transportation services. This is understandable! After all, you want to make sure your students can bookend their days with safety, a smile, and a kind word. School bus services are a crucial influencer in your students’ attitudes toward their academics and toward their school days in general. A renowned, high-quality school bus contractor, like Northstar Bus Lines, is a priority of any district that knows what it’s doing.

That being said, why shouldn’t this mentality apply to school bus rental services for field trips? Essentially, a field trip is a more hands-on extension of the classroom environment. Poor busing services to and from the location can have similar effects as poor day-to-day services. Disgruntled kids, scheduling mishaps—you name it. Your school district, no doubt, invests a good deal of money and time organizing field trips. Why not invest that money into making that trip go as smoothly as possible?

Your students should be your priority, not pinching pennies. Plus, hiring a solid school bus contractor for your district’s field trips comes with its fair share of positive aspects:


●        Keeping your kids in line | As well-meaning as they can be, chaperones generally do not have professional training in managing large groups of children. Teachers, too, might have their hands full on their own. While previous kid-wrangling knowledge isn’t a prerequisite in learning how to become a bus driver, many of Northstar Bus Lines’ employees are former teachers or school administrators themselves. They’ve seen it all and, due to their combined Class B CDL training and previous experience, are ready and willing to handle almost anything kids can throw at them.

●        Getting your kids there on time | Imagine the disappointment on your students’ faces if they arrived at the site of the field trip late, which caused them to miss crucial, hands-on parts of the event. As a school administrator, you owe the children under your care the entire experience you promised them, and you deserve to get your money’s worth for that experience. A solid school bus service allows your students to get the most out of their field trips because it’s impossible to do that if nobody arrives on time!

●        Setting the tone for a happy field trip | We’ve all had a grumpy person ruin our perfectly wonderful day before. Don’t let that happen to your students, especially on a field trip day. Invest in a quality school bus company that treats its workers well, like Northstar Bus Lines, and you’ll set the stage for the most fun and educational field trip ever. Not only will your students thank you, but so will the parents and chaperones. Build a positive relationship with your in-school volunteers and staff, and start by making field trips pleasurable for all parties involved.

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