If you’ve begun to search for a career in school bus services, we salute you! The field is always in need of fresh new talent, and the occupation’s relative job security and the great compensation that some school bus contractors offer means that you’ll probably find yourself working happily for years to come. Not to mention that learning how to become a bus driver grants you the unique opportunity to make an impact on the lives of children in a way that few other careers can. Go ahead, get excited—the career of your dreams awaits!

However, if you’ve begun to look into a class B CDL—the license required to operate a commercial school bus—you might find your enthusiasm dampened quite a bit. Countless rules and regulations are in the licensing process, with many being much more complicated than the legalities surrounding class D license, which allows you to drive a regular old car. Understanding the Class B CDL process is almost half the battle surrounding how to become a bus driver. On one’s own, the road to getting the proper licensing to become a bus driver isn’t easy!

Why is this? Why does such a fulfilling and stable career path pose so many legal barriers for entry? Below, Northstar Bus Lines, a Maple Grove provider of group transportation services, discusses this question, as well as tells you what you can do to make the process stress free.

All Those Tests and Caveats Have a Purpose

If anyone could be a bus driver, everyone would be doing it! As stated above, entering the career field is a wonderful way to make an impact on the lives of children everywhere and to secure your own economic well-being. Moreover, a flexible schedule and great benefits, like those offered at Northstar, make bus driving even more enticing as a career path.

However, a big deterrent to many prospective drivers is the licensing process. Class B CDLs aren’t easy to get. Though professional training isn’t required, it is recommended by the Minnesota government. We concur because all of the tests drivers have to go through to obtain a license aren’t easy to pass without hands-on experience!

But, all of that’s old news. You know the process is hard. Perhaps you’ve already begun it. You came here to understand why.

●        Driving a bus is a huge responsibility | Rigorous testing and license applications ensure that every single bus driver is skilled enough and healthy enough to drive the most precious cargo around, children. Bus drivers are responsible for safely ferrying kids everywhere to and from school while driving huge vehicles both quickly and defensively to keep everyone around them safe. This isn’t a job to be taken lightly. It’s one of the most honorable responsibilities around.

●        Driving a bus takes skill | If you can’t even parallel park your own vehicle, imagine what parking a bus is like! Bus drivers operate vehicles that are much larger than many on the road, so they must be skilled professionals in their trade in order to do their jobs safely. Skill doesn’t just come overnight. It takes dedication, tenacity, and, most of all, training. The extensive licensing process ensures that every bus driver has received the tutelage they need to do their jobs well.

●        Driving a bus requires dealing with people, which is a skill in itself | Many people in service industries, such as food service and retail, receive on-the-job instruction in how to deal with clientele, and many are considered to be “in training” until completion of this specific instruction. For the safety of everyone involved, similar training is necessary in school bus services, and this training must be extensive in order to teach both people skills and the proper way to handle passengers in an emergency setting.


If all of that sounds discouraging, just hang tight. Though training and licensure are necessary and important parts of learning how to become a bus driver, there are plenty of companies that will help you through the entire process.

Northstar Bus Lines is Here to Help You Become a Driver

Based in Maple Grove, we’re a family-owned, decades-old bus driving company with a drive to hire fresh, new, determined talent. We’ve been in the industry long enough to understand that the licensing process is difficult. That’s why we offer paid training, a sign-on bonus, and great advice from experienced industry professionals who will guide you through the entire process. Plus, once you receive full licensure, you’ll launch your career alongside a crew of supportive, caring drivers and staff who are all ready to help you succeed.

If you’re looking to enter this steady, honorable career field, you’ll want to find a company to help, and at Northstar Bus Lines, we know we’re the right fit for you.

Train for a Career in Student Transportation Services and Get Paid Doing It

If you’re ready to take the leap into the wonderful career of bus driving, contact Northstar Bus Lines of Maple Grove today at 763-425-2542. We’re excited to begin working with you!