You’ve already faced the facts: you know your current school bus services aren’t cutting it for your district. Whether it be children constantly arriving late, busses getting stuck out on the roads, or parents complaining of unsanitary conditions or unscrupulous drivers, you know it’s time for a change. Your students deserve the very best from their student transportation services, as you understand how important these services are to their academic and social success.

The importance of group transportation services for your students’ wellbeing means that you’re now faced with a huge decision. What school bus contractor is best for your district? Of course, all districts have individual needs best served by individual bus companies. You’re determined to cut through all the advertisements and determine, through concrete evidence and hours of research, the right fit for your district.

At Northstar Bus Lines, we commend your dedication and are here to help! To aid you in your search, we wrote last month about what to look for in any school bus contractor you’re considering for hire. However, this month we’ll take a different angle and talk about what we believe makes Northstar Bus Lines of Maple Grove so different from its peers, and why we know we’re the right fit for you. Your research ends here.

Truly Caring: Northstar’s Philosophy

Our company is a third-generation family-owned business whose success we attribute to our warm, caring atmosphere, both in terms of our workplace culture and the way we treat our clients. Bus drivers have an opportunity to make an impact on the lives of countless children each and every day, and they’re responsible for keeping their students safe on the perilous roads to and from school. We believe these school bus drivers and class B CDL holders are the unsung heroes of the transportation industry and deserve a tight-knit work environment that’s appreciative of their extensive training and unique skill set. In other words, we see the value of our bus drivers, and we truly care about them.

That’s why you’ll find that we’re one of the most employee-friendly companies to work for, and we strive to support our drivers in each of their working endeavors. For example, for new drivers, we offer paid training and a sign-on bonus. Flexible hours and paid time off mean that people from all walks of life can feel supported while they work for us. To aid in our employees’ day-to-day work, each bus under our roof is equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS system to help guide our drivers through the trickiest of routes. If that doesn’t work, our quick-as-a-whip dispatch team is only a radio call away. Finally, Northstar Bus Lines hosts countless employee events throughout the year to show our appreciation for our hardworking, talented drivers and build a community bond.

While we’re a great place to work, you as a school district administrator might be asking yourself:

What Does Caring About Our Drivers Have to Do with the Quality of Their Service?

This might be the only question on your mind at this point; we don’t blame you! You came here to learn why we’re the best fit for your new school bus contractor job opening, and we’ve only talked about our work environment.

The truth is that the way a company treats its workers has everything to do with what kind of service those workers provide. At Northstar Bus Lines, we fully believe that our supportive, flexible, and friendly working environment means that our drivers are content in their jobs and that they’ll go above and beyond what is expected to give top-quality service.

●        We care, so our drivers care | We care about our drivers’ welfare and treat them as the valuable, skilled workers they are. Our caring attitude inspires our drivers to see the value in their skill sets and take pride in the work they’re able to do. By giving our drivers the supportive environment and the advanced tools they need to succeed, these drivers are then able to surpass the service standard and deliver a truly phenomenal bussing service.

●        You won’t find any grumpy drivers with us | Your students’ bus drivers are often one of the first people they make contact with in the morning. Therefore, having a cheerful driver can put a spring in their step and encourage them to start their school day off right. Our supportive work environment and great benefits keep all of our employees happy, which means your students will also be happy.

●        We’ve been family owned for over 50 years | We’re not a massive conglomerate whose only concern is making money. We’re a family-owned business, with a deep respect for both its workers and clients. The core of what we do is service, not profits.

In Search of Top-Notch School Bus Services? Let’s Talk.

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