As a school district official, you know that every last thing that comprises a student’s school day plays a role in their academic success, social growth, and emotional well-being. You’re detail-oriented, a balancer; you want what’s best for your district financially, but you also want what’s best for your students. It’s a tough reconciliation, but somebody has to do it.

At Northstar Bus Lines, we understand how difficult finding great group transportation services can be. We’re a school bus contractor that’s been in the business for over fifty years, and we’ve worked with countless school districts to bring great-quality school bus services to students everywhere. We don’t compromise on our commitment to service. Ever. We know you, as a district official, won’t compromise on your students’ well-being either.

That’s why we, as a top-notch student transportation services company, explain below what you should never compromise on when hiring a school bus contractor for your district.

Never Compromise on Cheerful Drivers

We’ve all been there: you’re having a decent day, then, during your drive home, a grumpy, road-raging commuter cuts you off. Suddenly, your entire attitude has changed, and over dinner, you grumble sullenly about how hard your day at work was, even though your day was going pretty well, before the driving incident.

Everyone goes through situations like this! Even though we shouldn’t let one bad event ruin a good day, it can be difficult not to fall into this trap now and again. After all, if the aforementioned driver hadn’t been road-raging in the first place, you wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to become angry.

Kids, however, shouldn’t need to worry about a grumpy person coming along to ruin their day! School is hard enough on its own. As a district, you are obligated to make the required task of attending, at the very least, tolerable for your students. Your school bus services should be a personable and cheerful way to begin and end your students’ school sessions, and this is best accomplished through warm and welcoming drivers.

When you hire Northstar Bus Lines, you can rest easy knowing you’ll never need to compromise on cheerful service. As a company, we work hard to ensure that our drivers love their jobs.

●        We foster a connective workplace culture | Our frequent driver social events, such as barbeques and potlucks, give our staff the opportunity to feel warm and welcomed into a tight-knit, hardworking team. That warmth spreads down to the students in our care.

●        We support our experienced drivers on the roads | When you’re stressed, it’s more difficult to be pleasant to other people. Luckily, our drivers know how to manage certain unavoidable workplace pressures and stay calm in their fast-paced, critically important job. Our drivers also have undergone the appropriate training and know exactly how to handle everything from heavy traffic to snow. Stress is a rarity among our drivers! Moreover, our responsive dispatch team and GPS-equipped busses make sure our drivers are never left stressed and without resources. For your students, this translates into an enjoyable, stress-free bussing experience.

●        We offer great benefits and competitive pay | Being a bus driver at Northstar comes with paid time off, a sign-on bonus, and weekly pay. It’s hard not to love a job that takes care of you, and it’s hard not to be cheerful when you know you’re supported.

Never compromise on a warm, relaxing bussing experience for your students; you owe it to them to make all parts of school worth their while. That’s why you should always hire a jovial, good-natured bus company, such as Northstar Bus Lines. A good attitude can turn your students’ days around!

Never Compromise on a Track Record of Success

You wouldn’t buy a product online before reading the reviews, right? You also wouldn’t go to a restaurant without knowing the quality of food it has historically served. Hiring a school bus contractor is the same way. When your district is ready to invest in school bus services, not only should you do online research, but that online research should reveal the company you have in mind has a proven track record of success. If their business is new, or they have negative online reviews, you have reason to be wary, or at least a little critical.

However, you won’t need to be this way when you consider Northstar Bus Lines. A quick perusal of our website reveals that we’ve got a long history; we’ve been in school bus services for fifty years and counting. The fact we’ve had returning customers that have kept us in business this long certainly says something about the kind of service we provide! In addition, you’ll notice that our online testimonials are simply sterling.

Happy customers and a long-lasting company—what more shows a proven track record of success?

Never Compromise. Contact Northstar Bus Lines Today

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